Zinus Compack 7 inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame Box Spring & Mattress Sets, Fits Cal King AZ-HDBF-7CK

8 Customer reviews

CA $81.37

Size:California King


  • Stability and support with 9 legs and a center bar
  • Strong Steel construction
  • For use with Box Spring and Mattresses Sets (not for use with mattress only)
  • Recessed-leg design for safety
  • Simple, Strong, and Quiet

Size :California King

Zinus has reinvented the bed frame with this Compack and easy-to-set-up base, engineered for optimum strength and support. It sets up in minutes without tools. The 9 support legs are intelligently recessed so you don’t hit your toes while making the bed. Zinus Compack bed frames are meant to be used with a box spring and mattress set. Worry free 5 year limited warranty. Another comfort innovation from Zinus.

Customer reviews(8)

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Colleen E. Elliott
September 11, 2017
I love this modern, good quality, sturdy bed frame. Unfortunately, I have been to many stores looking for a reasonably priced bed frame. Most were over $100 and were the old school type with the wheels on them! One quick trip online and I found exactly what I was looking for. The best thing is it was easy and quick to set up, it's great quality, didn't require ANY screws and it folds for easy moving! This product is brilliant!
November 7, 2017
This is a brilliantly designed product. Packs down flat, no-tool assembly, adjustable to queen/king/etc. sizes, more than sturdy enough and it's SIXTY-THREE BUCKS.

This is so much better than 99% of bed frames out there - it's not made of flimsy particleboard (thanks IKEA) and it's not a bunch of angle iron with a bag of bolts that rattles and squeaks.

Don't bother reading any other reviews or looking at other bed frames. Just buy this one and be happy.
Richard L.
November 2, 2017
I REALLY love this frame! And, not just because it was it delivered 2 days early (to Ontario from New Jersey). It was packaged extremely well. The instructions and pieces were all numbered so assembly was a piece of cake. Finally, if I'm remembering correctly from my engineering strength of materials course over 40 years ago, the bulk modulus from (rectangular) tubular pieces provides substantially more rigidity than angle iron pieces as all of my previous bed frames were constructed. So, they're not exaggerating when they describe this as Heavy Duty!
Random Dad
January 4, 2018
Seems well made, assembles in under an hour.Chicken
The instructions are nonsense though. Needs more words and clearer pictures.

Bought some underbed 7 inch totes, they don't fit under this bed.
This bed is closer to 6 3/4
Amazon Customer
March 9, 2018
Box was a little dishevelled when received, but internal product was not damaged. Easy to put together! Under 15 minutes in assembly time. We had trouble with one of the feet seeming to have a misaligned thread - it was a challenge to get the part screwed into one of the support holes - that was the longest part of the assembly. The other 8 were super easy and no trouble at all. A mental frame that does NOT squeak!!! That's exciting!! Still getting used to not stubbing my toes on the middle support foot, but that will come in time...LOL Its been two nights sleeping on it and thus far, I am very happy with it.
Madelyn O'Connor
August 9, 2018
Put this together in about 15 minutes and it feels super sturdy! Doesnu2019t budge! And doesnu2019t make a peep. The metal u201cfeetu201d are very solid. And you simply canu2019t beat the price! Loving this company as Iu2019ve bought 3 pieces from them to build my new bed and loving every single item! Comes very nicely and safely packed. Instructions could be a tiny bit more clear, but once you get going it comes together super fast!
August 7, 2018
Put it together alone in about 10 minutes. Itu2019s super easy - no tools. A child could follow the instructions. Match the numbers together and screw the legs in. Even if you make a mistake itu2019ll take just a few seconds to fix it. It looks a lot nicer than I expected to too. About the same price as people selling used ones and delivered to my door.
December 29, 2017
Awesome frame! Took a little longer to assemble until I realized the labels were supposed to face downward. Well priced, Solid, Sleek and Quiet! Would be great if there were panels (wood or fabric) I could attach to the rails for a more modern look. A bed skirt could work too but havenu2019t been able to find a sleek (non frilly) one that would go with my clean modern look.