LED Shower Water Theremometer,No Battery Self-Generating Real Time Water Temperature Monitor for Home Bathroom Essentails and Hotel UMIWE

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  • NO BATTERY NEEDED - self powered battery-free thermometer to monitor shower temperature in real time. It derives energy from water pressure. The water pressure drives the motor to generate electricity. Device will display temperature while water is turned on to drive the generator.
  • Smart LED Display :it can monitor temperature of water in real time.Especially for babies shower temperature. With precise and clear LED screen, wtatever the place how dark is, you can still see the digital on the screen clearly. The temperature range is 5°C—85°C and the mesurement error is 0.5°C about.
  • 360° Rotatio:With 360° rotation design of LED screen. Whatever the place for shower head is, it can let you watch the screen straight, so that you can know the water temperature any time.
  • Easy to Install :Connect to standard 1/2 inch hose (most families and hotels standard).Do not need any tools for installment. It needs to be connected between the water outlet and the shower hose. Then use waterproof gasket together with thermometer to tighten manually.
  • Elegant and Sleek Design:premium quality bath thermometer even fit to most bathrooms, home essential, to serve and surprise your husband, wife or kids. Especially for families having toddlers or babies.

Material: ABS, PC
Size: connect to standard 1/2inch hose;
Temperate Range: 5°C-85°C(41℉-185℉)
Weight: 75g.
360 degree rotation display.
Self-powered battery-less thermometer monitors shower temperature in real time.
Smart home and baby bath essential.
Warm tips :
Let you know exactly what the temperature of your shower water is. Please make sure there is enough water pressure to power the generator. It only turns on when water is running through it.
Package include:
1 x LED water temperature gauge
1 x waterproof seal
1 x manual

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