Dental Flosser 300pcs Interdental Brush Teeth Stick Toothpicks Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks Ltd.

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  • Advantages for dental Interdental Floss brushes: Repeatedly use, not easily broken Easily wash and conveniently carring Fashion design How to Brush: Insert brush between teeth,braces,bridges or dental appliances. Move gently back-and forth to remove plaque and food particle

ASM round ultrafine high-tensile wire rod floss Material: teeth rods - food-grade plastic line: PE 3 major features: Superfine easy to fluff will not break no odor Taobao will not break the first outspoken floss stick South Korean exports of the whole Korean packaging exclusive supply Usage: Gently slide the floss between your teeth, attached to the teeth, and slide up and down to clean the foreign body Storage: in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight exposure, do not put children and easy to obtain. Note: children accompanied by parents to use, such as dentures, crowns or braces, please note with care, do not pull hard. If you use the gum or tooth discomfort, pain, pain, bleeding, immediately stop use and consult a physician or seek professional diagnosis and treatment 300 / bag

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