ARTINOVA Baby Teeth Keepsake Wooden Box Tooth Shaped Box(boys/girls)ARTA-0060 

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CA $20.29

  • Unique Tooth Shaped Box:Protect and Cherish Baby Teeth For Years
  • Write down the name and some personal profile on the sticker.
  • Size/Weight:11.9x12.2x3.1cm(4.68x4.8x1.22in)/220g(7.76oz)
  • Box Material:Beech wooden which is durable and rot resistant,don't need to worry about fade.
  • Package:a wooden box, a peice of sticker, a tiny glass bottle, a plastic tweezers, a small bag cotton.

Do not let the ToothFairy take those precious baby teeth! :) :)Keep them safe for years to come in this Baby Teeth Keepsake Box.
A tooth shaped child teeth keepsakes box,cute and fun. A great gift for your child, When they grow up, this will became a good memory.
A Beech Wooden Box: 20 holes to put the baby teeth.
A Peice of Stciker: Write down your child's personal profile.
A Tiny Glass Bottle: Store the baby hair.
A Plastic Tweezers: For hygienic considerations, please put the teeth in the box with tweezers.
A Small Bag Cotton: Pad the cotton before put the baby teeth in the holes.
Step 1: Please put the deciduous teeth in the boiling water for 5 mins to sterilize
Step 2:.Put it in a place with good ventilation to natural dry it.
Step 3:Pad cotton in the hole, then put the baby teeth into the corresponding position.
Wood material, can not be washed with water, it is recommended to use cloth to wipe.

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September 19, 2018
I know it is comparatively expensive vs other options in Amazon, I struggled too but look at what i have got. Totally satisfied with the quality of the wood and craftsmanship.
I want this to be an important memory of my girl growig up and for a lifelong keepsake, so i want her to appreciate this tooth box like i would even thou she is 30/becomes a mom herself. So i rather pay more for a higher quality and more decent design tooth box.

One thing i did not expected is the Chinese character crafted at the back, even thou i know it means pure heart/intention (or probably the brand name as well)